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Each Agritech project is custom-engineered to meet the most demanding requirements. These structurally insulated panels (SIP) can have exterior skins pre-finished in an array of colors and textures to meet particular aesthetic objectives. All panels are custom-made to order so there is no on-the-job waste. Our materials are made from recycled material making them environmentally friendly. We offer multiple thicknesses, in a single component insulated metal panel product to ensure minimizing any construction delays. Our building materials arrive at site ready for quick and easy installation, saving you up to 50% of on-site construction time.


AGriTech controlled environments can be built for any size, from a few hundred square foot unit to ground-up large scale industrial facilities. Our technology can also be implemented to retrofit any existing building, including mobile units.
Work with our experienced team to design the most advanced custom solution for your agricultural needs.


Agritech will flatpack your facility and ship to the designated location. Depending on the size of your unit, Agritech can be shipped assembled*. Unload the easy to construct building, install the necessary equipment and get into production!
We will assist as needed based on the assembly required.

*Some units may require a graded concrete base to hold the weight of the unit


Agritech construction process saves valuable time with easy on site assembly by our construction division or DIY. Depending on the size of your unit, pods can be shipped assembled*.
Just unload and you are ready to grow!

*Some units may require a graded concrete base to hold the weight of the unit


Integrate your extraction equipment, machinery, lighting systems, growing systems, digital controls, and scale up your production capacities!
Our solution engineers can custom design all the equipment for cultivation and extraction laboratories with the leading systems and technologies.

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