Patent brief overview
Insulated housing / shell with a controllable indoor climate. The shell may house plants, such as produce, for farming purposes. The shell may be made of scalable structurally insulated panels. Within the shell may be trays for facilitating the growth of the plants and/or processing equipment in a fully compliant environment. Lighting, climate, and nutrients may be controlled for the proper growth of the plants.


Currently in the United States, each state has the authority to exercise its own set of bi laws and industry “standards” making the industry a Hodge podge of non-conforming, unsustainable nontransparent, and non-duplicatable “law” to protect the patient / end consumer!  Once the United States government becomes involved with the coming legalization of cannabis and more strict requirements and testing for ORGANIC products, there will be a major shift in how each state will have to conduct their “RULE OF LAW”.  Our patents have done the work for the federal government following strict guidelines similar and comparable to the dairy industry and FDA, USDA requirements.  Setting the high standard and ethics that govern all the other Federal agencies.  The patents will only help the industry making things easier to follow and mitigating any and all risk to the business owner, state authorities and end consumer.

IAT’s goal is to standardize the indoor farming process in the Cannabis and Hemp industry. Without Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), product purity is more susceptible to environmental influences and The Company believes that our PATENTS will become the industry standard for all medicinal indoor farming. IAT’s solution allows growers to measure grow room variables and data collection in a volumetric space. IAT gives growers a consistent platform to collect usable information that can be used for accounting and to streamline and improve growing methods for maximum yields and ROI.

The current building configurations that represent the infrastructure of the cannabis industry consists of grow rooms that are often pieced together with inefficient shapes, sizes, and materials. Other growers are using decommissioned railroad cars or tractor trailers which are a poor substitute for technologically designed and manufactured pods. Additionally, railroad cars and trailers have tested positive for trace hazardous residue. The “cobbled together” models, that are now the norm, are not efficient or safe and long term is more expensive.

When considering existing and proposed compliance issues for medical applications, these “make-shift” indoor farming units will become obsolete. Along with the pre-engineered and new customized IAT structures and models to choose from, The Company does warehouse conversions and large build outs.IAT’s technologies have been refined over a two-year period with large commercial growers. IAT offers consulting services with expertise in licensing, permitting, financing, construction & ongoing maintenance.

The “seed to sale” tracking platforms allow for deception and nonconformance. Each state governing the industry operating flow and procedures will allow for confusion and delusion passing and allowing unethical practices merely because there is no “standardization”.   These patents allow conformity and transparency which is a PROTECTION at its highest level.  Governmental yet formed by Capitalists pioneering the industry the way it is divinely meant to be.

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