We must save our planet and protect our people. Nutrient rich farms are becoming scarce, are contaminated by chemicals, and plagued with environmental issues. Meanwhile, the demand for food is becoming greater every year. In addition, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are becoming more common. The organic farmers will soon be forced to change their growing techniques to avoid cross contamination to qualify for organic certifications.
Experts are actively concerned as organizations struggle to find alternative ways to produce local food that will eliminate major travel time, fuel costs, and high water crop consumption. Our technologies use 85% less water and 95% less fossil fuels, with no need for pesticides or fertilizers. Harvest times are cut in half, farming can be done year round, and production is 20-30x more than the greenhouse methods. Our systems include mechanisms that control humidity, pH levels, EC levels, CO2 levels, nutrient levels, and water input in a completely controlled climate.

Challenges We Address:

Urban Sprawl

Soil Erosion




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